Delivered partners ban is attractive but no responses thus far, have observed most a€?commentsa€™ this application being transphobic

Delivered partners ban is attractive but no responses thus far, have observed most a€?commentsa€™ this application being transphobic

Grindr does absolutely nothing against impersonations

Someone has become using my photoa€™s, pretending becoming me. Ita€™s been reported a few times. But grindr really doesna€™t bring any activity against it. It is still occurring.

Before we are able to make use of the filtration to look on Etnic. That was the key reason being a plus associate. After from nothing the stopped they. So in my situation absolutely no reason in order to become paid membership.

Such spam

Now chose to delete my personal membership as well as the application. On average I receive even more then 5 maybe not messages each day. All of them equivalent so should-be very easy to resolve. Almost is like they want the bots on the program


ita€™s a lot of! 9 from 10 is either a bot or individuals artificial. Kindly fix this. It creates the grid and in turn their app acutely untrustworthy.

Inexpensive application

Full of contributes. Saturated in bots. Minimum functionality if you don’t pay enormous amounts. Could be a good software although pricetag and incorporate barage enable it to be severely uncomfortable to use. Furthermore: my personal account was actually blocked, without the offered cause, after installing current enhance. Only if there were an operating solution. Further to provide: PLS PREVENT EXHIBITING ME 1 DEFINITE combine OVER-AND-OVER AS WELL AS OVER mamba reddit AS WELL AS OVER we CANT

Weinig times.

Helaas merk ik dat ik steeds vaker bezocht, getapt word of berichten ontvang van: Anonieme profielen Profielen perish niet aansluiten bij mijn profiel, ondanks de instelling van mijn strain Escort/ massage therapy profielen Blijkbaar valt er hier in mijn omgeving werkelijk wat te beleven qua matchmaking Zoals gezegd: Profielen sluiten weinig aan. Mvg KRAFTWERK

Rip-off unexpectedly

From a 0,99 registration it they unexpectedly increased to a 1600percent (!) enhance to a‚¬15,99 monthly! Exactly what a truly funds getting scheme. Need to be right folk exploiting this software. Very disappointing. Additionally, banners for ended qualities stick to monitor. Rather amateurish. Ia€™m unfortunately, but Grindr has lost the destination.

Prohibited with no obvious grounds

Got prohibited without being notified. Delivered few ban appeals but no responses up until now, have seen many a€?commentsa€™ this software being transphobic. Becoming a trans, this software should was basically a helpful a€?mediaa€™ for all of us meet up with individuals who are into all of us. Maybe not forbidding. Your staff should banned individuals who promote medicines, spammers, dudes who will be becoming pushy whenever you do not want to jump into sleep all of them, and people who a€?sell sexa€™. To conclude, the software will surely bans you if youa€™re not-being charitable adequate to merely state yes to every single vague figures who would like to F you.

suggestions never ever pay up ahead of time.

Best chatbots, revealing fakeprofiles is ineffective. Grindr’s perhaps not starting any such thing with it. Your bank account try prohibited for no reason, or description, even if you need paid a 1/2 year ahead of time. That money is fully gone. If you wish to spend, recommendations never spend up ahead of time. You do not miss that much revenue.

Super sluggish and laggy

Updated the application, today ita€™s operates very sluggish and laggy. Almost impossible to make use of the application atm.

Best junk e-mail

The actual only real communications I get include spam messages. Constantly similar text, has-been in this way for period but seemingly no action is accomplished to eliminate it.

Too-much fakes, rude individuals and a lot of junk e-mail

Despite daily research of bot-spam by I hold getting them a couple of times a day. a€?Hello if y??u want to f#ck g?? to GayFun.orga€? Grindr clearly doesna€™t notice. But just a as I prefer the term a€?partya€™ during my profile Ia€™m obstructed. So that they do have bots! Then your disruptive brings -with plenty of sounds. As extra Grindr forgets your snacks so that you have to confirm over and over again. For you personally to remove Grindr.

Terrible moderation

Was once a way to get in touch with likeminded everyone. Today generally spam and spiders. Together with periodic real individual you see listed here is in addition phony. Then you have the terrible within face ads for games that by no means resembles the actual video game. Additionally stopping folks, really doesna€™t imply blocking everyone anymore. Once in a while blocked consumers appear on my list and just have to-be blocked once again. Also countless users whom simply brings new pages to circumvent being blocked. Grindr, stop utilizing the moneymaking on phony advertising and spamming myself with a€?discountsa€?. Eradicate the spiders in your origin code therefore we dont have to be annoyed by all of them and eradicate the continual need for reporting all of them. In current state, this software must banned.

This software happens to be bad for a little while

Ia€™ve been witnessing quite a few users Ia€™ve previously obstructed. The software are slow as hell. Ia€™ve contacted the helpdesk several times, but no response. Ia€™m a paying user. But not for long.

Worst application actually ever

Non-stop cookie choice in your face together with advertising all over the place. Loathe this software so much.

Really junk e-mail

Generally seems to worsen day-after-day. A lot of spiders and spam. Ia€™m reporting doing 10 just about every day. Terrible software (in addition to all fakers there).

Junk e-mail junk e-mail spam spam junk e-mail – and invasive adverts

I have up to 10 spam emails on a daily basis. Basically like to document them, I have to browse through a menu with no less than 6 tips to accomplish this. Why don’t you only 1 drive of a button? Or maybe prevent spambots which use the text a€?sexpartya€? a€?gayfun.orga€? or a€?escortsa€? from even giving communications? Theya€™re using literally exactly the same communications for period, the Grindr spamfilter really doesna€™t seem to pick up on they. Alternatively, you will get ads. I am aware the need for advertising in a no cost application, but Grindr may be the only application i personally use that has these irritating invasive complete display adverts randomly minutes that simply take forever to end.

App blijft vaak a€?hangena€?

Ik vind het serieus echt irritant dat de application vaak langzaam try of blijft a€?hangena€?!