In “Nostalgia is certainly not a replacement for an Actual Story”, Raven comments Starfire’s hairstyle, that the latter appreciates

In “Nostalgia is certainly not a replacement for an Actual Story”, Raven comments Starfire’s hairstyle, that the latter appreciates

To the contrary, presently, the understood events of Raven revealing clear irritability towards Starfire use in “Crazy Day” when Starfire joins from inside the kids’ craziness and “Kabooms” whenever she snaps at Starfire, just who begs her as the makeup artist, to keep down with “Could You Be kidding myself?

In “The information!”, Starfire grieves after Raven delivers the second’s waffle manufacturer inside scrap can, unknowingly generating Starfire feels worried whenever she and young men disapprove Starfire connection making use of the information plus Starfire goes as far as kidnapping their and boys to coerce them to determine where gets the information lost before she as well as the young men agree the connection between Starfire plus the scoop. Nevertheless, she additionally the males are now being forgiven by Starfire and all of them celebrate for the products they build attached with.

She later offers Starfire advice on tips properly reply to both 80s babes that like aforementioned’s tresses by discussing this is in the slang.

In “Lil’ Dimples”, Raven is comforted by Starfire just who says to the girl that her dad is the difficulty. She is after being recommended by Starfire on not to push herself way too hard on training their dance.

In “women nights In”, Raven can not go along with Starfire’s excitement concerning on Blackfire’s see and alerts the woman that Blackfire simply schemes to conquer environment in their evening out for dinner with all the additional babes. However, she does become pitiful for Starfire that has been denounced by Blackfire, and in addition to the additional girls, eventually assists Starfire on beating Blackfire.

In “Beast child on a Shelf”, Starfire and Raven connection over drawing a derogatory doodle of Santa Claus with the indicators on wall structure.

In “Bat Scouts”, Starfire provides Raven, Cyborg and Beast kid each a relationship wristband this lady has made, which Raven discovers they cool inturn.

In “Jam”, Starfire and Raven’s bond shines when they are rollerblading in sync together, fighting contrary to the Brainy Brawlers alongside Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman, along with pursuing the three Gotham Sirens with a solid show of relationship and solidarity following the a couple of all of them recognize the 3 villainesses have actually deceived all of them.

Notwithstanding their unique closeness, there are occasions by which Raven’s behavior making Starfire distressed. In “Second Christmas”, Raven, Cyborg and Beast man include jealous that Starfire gets the possiblity to celebrate a aˆ?second Christmasaˆ? so that they make up another Christmas. After the the fact is revealed of the three (owing to Robin’s force), Raven tries to apologize but Starfire happens walnuts and Raven lays unconscious with the three men and Silkie and will get delivered to healthcare facility following the Tower gets inflated. In addition, in “key Garden”, Starfire isn’t delighted to see Raven entering the outdoors without permission and later Starfire is heartbroken to see Raven emptying living power from the plants. In “actual Art”, Starfire also happens as far as capturing Raven and also the kids inside art gallery via Rainbow Raider’s services because Raven together with males have harsh views from the cat painting she ordered from Rainbow Raider.

” (though she’s to be sure to Starfire by praising the halloween costumes as “very great”). Really harshest times happens when Starfire (as Incredible Quad) turns evil with the rest in the boys while the people in League of Legs and Raven (like Mega Legasus) crushed their legs (counting Starfire’s) to diminish the wicked power inside the legs.


Raven is often swingtowns aggravated by Cyborg’s immaturity and selfishness, specially when the guy causes trouble together with his companion Beast man or compels their to participate in tasks she dislikes, but deep down she cares about your.