The 18 sex podcasts that are best of 2021—No Matter Your flavor

The 18 sex podcasts that are best of 2021—No Matter Your flavor

Grab some earbuds. Raunchy storytelling, erotic fanfic, and expert sex advice await.

No, seriously, pay attention. Podcasts tend to be more popular now than they’ve ever been, which will be one thing of a sword that is double-edged. There’s astounding variety in topic and style on one hand. Having said that, most of us have a podcast. Let’s place it that way: often, you don’t need certainly to hear each and every bout of the movie that is obscure your buddy recorded in the bed room.

This is certainly specially true whenever you’re shopping for a podcast on a distinct segment subject like, state, intercourse. You will find 240 beneath the “sex” category in iTunes alone. But we went ahead and sifted through the public to narrow them right down to the 18 funniest, smartest, sex that is smuttiest podcasts available to you. Whether you’re interested in some relationship advice, searching for the tribe that resonates many to you, or simply just enthusiastic about hearing the raunchiest deep dives into intimate research, there’s one which’ll charm to you personally. Pleased listening.

Why Are Folks Into That?!

Tina Horn hosts a podcast in regards to the unthinkable. What precisely does which means that? Any sexual dream or kink that may toss you for a cycle. When it comes to past six years, Horn has showcased a bevy of visitors talking about anything from porn to BDSM. Since the show is continuing to grow, the subjects are becoming much more expansive. Then call the rest of us vanilla if Catholicism, cannibalism, and daddies don’t pique your interest. Horn departs no stones unturned. No, really, there might be an episode of a rock fetish. Don’t count it away. —Justin Kirkland


Gayish ‘s almost 200 episodes strong as of this point, yet it is simply scraping the outer lining of just just just what hosts Mike and Kyle attempt to do. Every week, they just just take one homosexual label and break it apart—everything from homosexual bandanna tradition (look it… or even better, listen!) to Dolly Parton in addition to AIDS epidemic. The 2 dudes leading the fee find a way to bring a feeling of thoughtfulness along side humor every single subject in regular episodes, which do not clearly provide intercourse advice but truly vary wildly from flirting and tribes that are gay butt plugs and threesomes. There is the pleasure of beginning in the beginning or getting up on a number of their current, more polished episodes. —J.K.

Foreplay Broadcast

The long-running podcast from Laurie Watson and George Faller does not have any gimmicks, a great deal you’d ever need to hear about from a sexual standpoint as it covers every imaginable thing. Watson, a intercourse specialist, and Faller, a couples therapist, get together to discuss kinks, intercourse pity, traumatization, masturbation, and much more. The collection operates deep, if someone happens to have connected, but in addition, if you’re researching for responses on a particular subject (even when it feels strange!), it’s likely that this duo has covered it. —J.K.

We Gotta Thing

Hosted by way of a married few that has been together for one minute, We Gotta Thing dives within their experiences after adopting a moving lifestyle. This will be a listen that is interesting anybody who swings or anybody who may be curious—but don’t have a your handheld during your very first foray into moving. Mr. and Mrs. Jones, whilst the set calls by themselves, are longtime swingers, and so they do not waste time for a how-to. In either case, We Gotta Thing is not afraid to shrug down judgment when it comes to genuine conversations about moving inside the confines of a wedding. —J.K.


Nearly just as much a podcast as being a sexy audiobook solution, Dipsea is just a startup revolutionizing the way in which we “get in contact with our erotic selves.” With numerous tales it is possible to browse centered on your sex, sex, and situation (literally, you are able to select circumstances ranging from “before sleep” to “on the coach home”), Dipsea’s objective is always to supply the story that is erotic best fits your requirements at any offered minute. The solution will come in a premium annual membership of around 48 dollars, which is released to approximately $4 per month. That isn’t bad thinking about the cash you might share with your chosen podcast’s Patreon. When it’s possible to have erotic tales tailored for your requirements as well as your routine, it is a difficult deal to beat. —J.K.


In the event that you’ve ever wondered exactly what, state, a lengthier tryst between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen could have appeared as if, then Fangasm is an excellent location for one to secure. Exactly just What began as a podcast that catered to your extremely popular realm of Harry Potter fan that is erotic (don’t behave like it didn’t get a get a cross your brain when you look at the old age), Fangasm exploded into one thing larger, featuring its hosts reading erotic fan fiction for a few of tv and film’s biggest storylines. Interested in just just what an even more explicit telling of Jim and Pam’s relationship may have appeared as if in the workplace? Take a look at Fangasm. Just don’t tell Michael Scott. You know he’d ruin it. —J.K.

Savage Lovecast

It’s hard which will make a ” sex that is best Podcasts” list without including Dan Savage’s Savage Lovecast. Mcdougal and intercourse advice columnist has been around the overall game since 1991, so he’s got considerable back ground in the industry. But in addition to nearly three decades of intercourse advice experience, why is Savage Lovecast so revolutionary is Savage’s capability to remain not just appropriate, but regarding the edge that is cutting of advice. Their provides are both wild and profoundly empathetic (“Sometimes, i do believe adultery is way better than divorce”). But a very important factor is definite: no body’s going to shoot you straighter (or gayer, with regards to the episode) than Savage. —J.K.

Turn Me On

Turn Me On is hosted by Jeremie and Bryde, whom identify as being a hitched, poly couple whom don’t brain an adventure. Really: Bryde took a trip that is three-month her other fan, additionally the few billed it as an episode (jokingly) called “We’re finding a divorce or separation.” They’re perhaps not afraid of any such thing. While other podcasts in the list usually takes a more old-fashioned examine intercourse and marriage, Turn Me On leans in an unusual way, with episodes on intercourse and disability, the gender binary, and a great amount of speak about threesomes. It pushes the boundaries of exactly just exactly what many people find comfortable while never ever straying from thoughtful and smart discussion. —J.K.

Sex & Other Human Strategies

Intercourse may possibly not be the subject you’re most discussing that is comfortable. Sex & Other Human strategies dares to inquire of why. Yeah, there’s plenty of sex talk with this podcast hosted by Marcus Parks and Jackie Zebrowski, but more to the point, the duo covers the types of items that will get when it comes to sex—everything from pressure from those around us all to full-on anxiety. While other podcasts remain dedicated to the physicality, Sex & Other Human strategies has a unique (and often hilarious) means of talking about the thing that makes us tick while we’re in relation to the bed room. —J.K